SYNOPSIS First Kill (2017) – Father’s struggle to save his son

SYNOPSIS First Kill. In the near future Lionsgate Premiere will release an action thriller film titled First Kill. The latest film, starring veteran actor Bruce Willis is about a father named Will who struggled to save his son who was taken hostage. The hostage taker is a shooting victim previously helped by Will.

In this First Kill movie Bruce Willis plays the role of a police chief. Meanwhile, the main character named Will is played by actor Hayden Christensen, and the son of Danny played by Ty Shelton. First Kill movie also stars other artists such as Magi Avila, Gethin Anthony, Charlotte Kirk, and many more.

The 97-minute film was directed by Steven C. Miller and the script was written by Nick Gordon. The plan, First Kill movie will be released first on 21 July 2017. Okay we just see First Kill Full Synopsis more.
SYNOPSIS First Kill:

This First Kill movie will tell you about a successful stockbroker on Wall Street named Will (Hayden Christensen). Will wants to improve his relationship with his son, Danny (Ty Shelton).

He also took his little family on vacation in a cabin that was in his hometown. Will then invites Danny to hunt. Their holiday was a mess after Will and Danny witnessed an assassination attempt.

They then helped the shooting survivors who were still alive. They took him home for treatment. Recovering instead of being grateful, the victim even took Danny hostage and forced Will to get the stolen money.

A police chief (Bruce Willis) who handles the case helped Will to rescue Danny and investigate the case.

First Kill Movie Details:

Director: Steven C. Miller
Producer: Randall Emmett, George Furla
Scriptwriter: Nick Gordon
Genre: Action, Thriller
Duration: 97 minutes
Initial Release Date: July 21, 2017
Studio: Lionsgate Premiere

First Kill Movie Players:

Bruce Willis as Police
Hayden Christensen as Will
Magi Avila as Adele
Gethin Anthony as Levi
Charlotte Kirk as News Anchor
Tamara Belous as Waitress
Chelsea Mee as Tammy
William DeMeo as Richie
Megan Leonard as Laura
Heather Johansen as Nurse Kylie
Tyler Jon Olson as Tom
Jesse Pruett as Officer Lewis
Shea Buckner as Charlie
Brian Wolfman as Crime Scene Investigator
Ty Shelton as Danny