Food and Drink When Watching the Most Favorite

Watch movies without bringing food or drink certainly does not feel really good. Therefore all the cinema must provide food and drink while watching. It also turned out to reduce sleepiness when we are watching loh. There are some foods that are usually eaten and drunk also watch time. Actually, the food that is usually eaten fit to watch this is a snack because if the food can also seriously disturb a cinema room.

What aja well food and drink while watching a favorite for many people. Here are some of these snacks include:

Popcorn, it’s been from the first food this one is identical to the same activity watching a movie.
French fries, Cassava chips, potato chips, tempe chips, though rarely sold in some theaters but eat fries while watching fun movies also .
Packaged snacks, tasty savory will make us addicted to food continues at the time of the movie.
Soft drink, this is indeed a drink offered when we watch a movie in any cinema this drink can make our eyes so not sleepy .

While watching in the cinema make sure that we do not bring food and drinks while watching from outside because it can be annoying. In the regulation also has been explained that it is prohibited. Buying food at an official outlet in the cinema can also be an alternative because the food offered is quite diverse and also affordable.

When you know about food and drink when watching a favorite, now is the time to watch some movie trailers. For those who want to watch with good quality then can visit which is a complete site about all types of movies. Movie recommendations that are running can also be found without having to search with difficulty. So preserve the film continues the nation’s children.